Karen Dun

Karen Dun


The practice of occupational therapy, neuropsychology and mindfulness for children no longer exists. You may still find practical ideas and advice here.


My talents in the area of occupational therapy, child neuropsychologie and  natural intelligence have been crystalized into natuurpsycholoog.


After my practice became a Creative Workshop where drawing, painting, jewelry making, songwriting and singing from our Heart and Soul took place,  with the help of  Japanese singer/songwriter Yuki Masuda, the artist in me started blooming.



I love the natural intuition from which this art originates and my wish is to share the paintings jewelry poems and songs. This website is now about these arts.

My experiences in nature by which the self healing  capacity of body and soul revealed itself: earth-healing is self-healing and vice versa is described in earth-healing.eu




Drs.Karen Dun, pediatric occupational therapist, developmental neuropsychologist, mindfulness

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