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Karen Dun

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Please see Linkedin for my professional details from 1981 till 2017. 

So much gratitude for all parents and children. They transformed me to who I am today!

2017 untill present

From 2017, the practice has been transformed into a Gallery and Workshop.  Drawing, painting, creating jewelry and functional art from recycled materials, creative writing and singing, from my nature in connection with the universal Nature is happening here.

In the Galley there have been 2 exhibitions showing the Art I created. In the last exhibit paintings and drawings of my great grand mother and my mother were present. Toward the end of 2018, the art gallery, unfortunately was closed.

Because of the fact that the paintings and arts I still create, want to continue to be shared with you, the world ànd it is my joy in life, I am now, 2021, creating this website, with my web builder.

The art comes intuitively guided thru body and soul and it's expressions continue to amaze me.